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9/28-29, 2019


(12 ceu’s for NCBTMB and D.C.’s)

There will be a focus on how to master craniosacral therapy. We will learn:

How to analyze the cranium so you can recognize the major types of strain patterns:

  1. Torsion
  2. Side Bending Strain
  3. Lateral Strain
  4. Inferior and Superior Vertical Strains

You will also learn how to quickly treat these problems and perform a full cranial treatment in 10 minutes!

We will quickly review how to perform a BASIC treatment of the spine and pelvis, but the focus will be on treating the head, neck and TMJ.

Participants will understand how the cervical spine relates to the upper back spine and ribs and how to gently treat these issues. The interplay between muscles, fascia and joint movement will be an integral part of cervico-thoracic treatment.

Of course there will be lots of palpation exercises, some soft tissue work, head and neck exercise therapy. But the focus will be on the cranium. is 90% hands on.

No previous experience required. But, the class is for doctors and therapists who are interested in structure and function.

At: Le Studio Danse, 534 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, CA

​​Cost will be $275 if you register two weeks before class..
There will be a $25 discount if you bring a table & pillow.
So, If you bring a table/pillow and register early, it is only $250!
(Late registration: $300)
$25 extra for NCBTMB & CA Chiropractic ceus
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There are THREE classes

Each year the classes vary so they are in two year cycles. You get a chance to review all the information from the previous year PLUS new information each year.

September 28-29 2019 - Craniosacral Therapy
  Mastering and integrating cranial treatments with spine and pelvis

January 2020 - Extremities, Trauma, Sports sand Dance Injuries
Soft tissue, mobilization, exercise, and taping

May 2020 - Spine, Pelvis and Viscera
  Advanced Manual Therapy of the most common spine, rib, extremity
  ​and respiratory problems