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Basic Spine

This, is the MOST IMPORTANT treatment technique to learn if you want to master manual therapy. You can treat from the upper thoracic spine down to the pelvis. This will gently and effectively mobilize the spine and is the basis of LiteForce Technique. It will teach you to use INNATE body movements.

Basic Pelvis

The pelvis is a very confusing area to treat. This video introduces how we use the patient's own natural, INNATE movements to correct hip bone (innominate) dysfunction. This is the best place to start if you want to understand pelvic function. Later, you can scroll down and learn more!

Basic Pelvis ​and Low Back

Patients will never feel balanced and stable without a balanced lower back and pelvis. This lesson explains how the pelvis and lower back are connected and how to integrate the lower back with proper pelvic function.

Basic Upper Back

The upper back is the base of the head and neck. Before you treat the neck, you need to fix the upper back. Here you learn a simple way to treat the upper back which will make fixing the neck a breeze.

​Basic T-Bar

​The T-Bar gives you the ability to treat the most difficult vertebral, rib, and facet syndromes rapidly and successfully. Because the T-Bar has a custom designed tip, it fixes the thoracic and lumbar spine GENTLER, faster and easier than any other modality or tool.

MASTERY Motion Palpation

You cannot fix anything until you find it. How do you find it? First, you have to choose which vertebra, extremity, part of the pelvis, or muscle to treat. Motion palpation is one of the most effective ways of helpng you find it. This video demonstrates how to quickly and effectively find where to treat.

Basic Cervical Spine

​Try not to treat the cervical spine before treating the upper back. Because the upper back is the foundation of the neck, it is important to fix the upper back first. This video explores numerous advanced techniques for mobilizing the cervical spine in a safe and gentle manner.

Teetor Totter Pelvic Mobilization

Treating the pelvis becomes easy once you use the leg as leverage to move the sacrum and hip bone. By using the Teetor Totter points along the sacrum and hip bone with this leverage, you will be able to GENTLY fix any problem in the sacroiliac joint.

Pelvic Asymmetry and ​ Advanced Fixation Patterns

Remember that the right hip tends to move anteriorly moves forward and up and the left hip tends to move posteriorly and inferiorly. This video introduces UPslip, DOWNslip, INflare and OUTflare.

​Sacroiliac BASIC 8

This video describes a novel, gentle technique I call the BASIC 8 because it treats 8 spots on the pelvis, 4 on each side. These pelvic techniques are unique to LiteForce technique and provide the fastest, most elegant treatment for the pelvis and lumbar spine.

Common Sacroiliac Misalignments & Basic 8

Here we introduce you to our discovery of normal SI alignment and the BASIC 8. Once you understand how the pelvis becomes misaligned, it becomes much easier to fix. This also explains how patients develop a short leg from pelvic asymmetry.


Most patients have a short leg. Any short leg that is more than 5-7 mm, or more than 1/4 inch may require a lift if the patient has low back or lower extremity pain problems. In this video you will learn a very simple method for evaluating and correcting for a short leg.

MASTERY T-Bar Lower Thoracics

One of the hardest areas to treat is the lower thoracic spine. It is very stiff as the area is under stress due to poor posture, impact injuries, and normal wear and tear. Using the T-Bar is a great way to rapidly and gently fix any problems in this stubborn area.


Treating the spine is incomplete without making sure that the rib cage is as symmetrical and mobile as possible. Because the sternum and the sternal cartilage stabilize the ribs, it is critical to fix the chest before working on the ribs. This technique can gently fix any anterior rib or sternal issue.

MASTERY Upper ​Thoracic Ribs

The upper thoracic spine is complex due to ribs and thick fascia that make it a difficult area to fix. By using this unique technique, you will find upper back problems disappearing rapidly and painlessly. This technique TAKES PRACTICE!


Atlas, the Greek god, carried the world on his shoulders. The atlas vertebra carries the 11 pound head on its tiny body. The atlas and the upper thoracic spine are the directors of the neck. When stiff or misaligned, they can cause headaches, pain, cloudy thinking and stress. This technque, when mastered, will help you rapidly fix any problem in the upper neck.

MASTERY Sitting ​Evaluation

​Before you can FIX it, you need to FIND it. This video helps you understand how to detect restricted motion. Studies show that motion palpation is accurate and effective and can help you locate problems in joints and soft tissue.