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Any clinician with a license that allows soft tissue therapy (massage), joint stretching, or joint mobilization or stretching can use this technique. Our practitioners are a wide variety of clinicians. However, please make sure you check with your licensing board or malpractice insurance carrier if you have any questions. So, start learning LiteForce Technique or read below!
​Training is in the heart of the Sonoma Wine country where you can relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings. Nearby are wonderful places to hike, taste wine, visit the ocean, Russian River, or even San Francisco! ​ Training is two days, Saturday and Sunday and is always almost all "hands on." October is HOW TO TREAT EVERYTHING (ALMOST) January is SPINE, PELVIS AND EXTREMITIES May is CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY NOTE: Click on "Training" in the navigation bar (at top of page) for more information. Training onsite at clinics, seminars or conferences can be arranged. Call or email to discuss. So, start learning LiteForce Technique or read below! ​Contact information: Curtis Turchin, MA, DC 707-206-7272 Voicemail ​
​​This training is FREE. YES, FREE. How do we make money? We sell products on the TOOLS portion of the website and provide seminars. However, this website was developed because so many patients complained that they could not find anyone in their area to treat them as effectively as LiteForce technique. Thus, this website is DEDICATED TO SPREADING VALUABLE INFORMATION TO HELP MORE PATIENTS GET WELL FASTER AND WITH LESS PAIN. JOIN US AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! So, start learning LiteForce Technique or read below!​ ​
Watch the videos and learn all you can from them. Questions? Email Dr. Turchin with any questions or come join us for a seminar! So, start learning LiteForce Technique or read below!
​​Session treatment times vary from 10 minutes to one hour depending on the clinician and their particular treatment style. If you are only treating one area, 5 minutes is often sufficient.
Email or call me (Dr. Turchin) with any questions about training! Yo hablo un poco de español. Eu falo um pouco de português. Je parle un peu français.