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About Us

​​About Dr. Curtis Turchin
Dr. Turchin has a B.A. in pre-medical studies from the University of Southern California, an M.A. in Education from San Francisco State University, and a D.C. from Palmer College West. He is the developer of LiteForce Technique (LFT).

LiteForce Technique (LFT) is a gentle technique that includes deep tissue massage, mobilization, light and laser treatments, taping, pelvic floor treatment, exercise, and cranial therapy.

​LFT uses the body’s own INNATE, natural movements to loosen the spine and extremities. By using this INNATE force, it precisely pinpoints the exact treatment needed.

Dr. Turchin has used gentle techniques for over 40 years and now teaches these techniques to clinicians. Click on TRAINING for more information.